Laughing Turtle Farms

Farm Description

We are two women with a dream. Located in the North Valley of Albuquerque and in Grants, NM. Mona Angel and Anne Carpenter are the proud owners of Laughing Turtle Farms. Back to the dirt – We are using Permaculture methods and good old fashioned farming skills. Permaculture is an ecological based sustainable design system and a great method for farming in the dry climate of New Mexico. We have also learned some great skills by asking questions and working with local New Mexico Farmers. New Mexico’s agricultural traditions are still very much alive today in urban farms and in rural communities and we are very happy to now be a part of that history .From our farm to your table. We provide fresh produce to local people.

Laughing Turtle Farms is a proud member of the Fairfield Farm & Market, a farmer owned cooperative.


Albuquerque, New Mexico and Grants, New Mexico


Mona Angel and Anne Carpenter